December 21st 2012 marks the end of the long count Mayan calendar, or more specifically the end of the thirteenth baktun cycle.  While this date has cultural and spiritual significance for the Mayan people, it has also been ascribed various different meanings across the globe ranging from a variety of doomsday scenarios, ascension to a higher level of being, consciousness, or even plane of existence, to the beginning of a worldwide spiritual awakening, and of course for many it is just another day.

For myself, while I do not ascribe to any of the doomsday scenarios, I am quite ambivalent as to what meaning, if any, to give to this date.  In some ways it strikes me as just another exploitation of the knowledge and culture of an Indigenous people in keeping with the theme of the ‘noble savage.’  At the same time, the commercialisation and trivialisation of this event make it all too easy to dismiss the whole thing.  With the current state of the environment, the economy and global politics I can see how it could be easy to believe in the end of the world, or conversely, that a better world is coming, but I feel it is important to remember we are responsible for our own actions and inactions, and whatever is in store for our future is going to come about from the choices we make today.

Of course, if the world does somehow end, here is a friendly announcement for anyone embarking on a plane trip this Friday.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.  We are currently experiencing some delays in landing due to the incoming apocalypse.  Please buckle your seat-belts as we are expecting turbulence ahead.  If you look out the window to your left you will see fires and earthquakes spreading across the airport and in the window to the right you can see the planet Nibiru which we are expecting to enter the earth’s atmosphere at approximately 11:11 am.  The flight attendants will presently be handing out some complimentary champagne, so sit back, have a drink and enjoy the ride.’

Tune in this Thursday for my story, ‘End of days.’


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