Spring should be like a breath of fresh air

In the past I’ve found spring an uplifting time.  I’ll find myself smiling for no reason, singing along with the birds, smile reflected in the blue sky and a host of other Disney clichés.  This year, although I’m overjoyed to see the end of winter, my usual spring joy has been tarnished by recovering from a long illness.  So although when my friend first suggested spring as the theme I thought I’d be writing some more uplifting poems, this wasn’t quite the case.  Instead, I find the extreme winds we’ve been having in Melbourne lately have been quite reflective of my own state of being; fluxing between warm and cold, happy and sad, excited and tired.  In these five poems I’ve attempted to capture this emotional fluctuation.


In Love
I’m in love, it’s true
I’m smiling at everything,
even the creepy old man
can’t phase me today,
ever since the first touch of sun
caressed my skin I was smitten,
it’s the last day of winter
and already it feels like spring.

In between

The night is fresh, almost sultry
for the first week of spring,
and I don’t want to go home.
It’s Monday night, there’s nowhere to go,
nowhere I want to be.
It’s not quite warm,
not quite cold,
I’m in between.
I don’t want to go home,
I don’t want to go anywhere
but here, in the crisp night,
for a moment,
I’m in between.

A dragon in the clouds
There’s a dragon in the sky,
disguised in fluffy white
to lull the world it hovers
perilously close to
into a false sense of security
that life will go on.
It breathes in.
Everything is still,
the birds are silent,
life, frozen.
It breathes out.
Trees quiver, fences wobble,
bird screech and cling to branches
and I am bowled over.

Spring moods
Spring is here, weather unpredictable
as my moods.
Like a meteorologist I attempt
to find patterns, to track the shifts,
the highs and lows, so that I can measure them,
predict them—
but invariably I’m caught in the rain.

A pathway to spring
Since you’ve gone I’ve been searching for
a new purpose within my art,
my heart I blatantly ignore—
maybe I’m happier apart
or just not ready to adore,
despite knowing so well my part
I still find myself searching for
a pathway to spring in my heart.


One thought on “Spring should be like a breath of fresh air

  1. johncoyote says:

    All five poem were amazing. “In love” was my favorite. Thank you for the excellent poetry.

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