Daffodil Day

This is a rather belated poem I started writing on Daffodil Day (23rd August) that I would like to dedicate to my Pa who died suddenly of lung cancer and to everyone else whose lives were cut short by this disease.


Every Daffodil Day I buy flowers
to remember those whose lives were cut short—
this time, after putting them in a vase
I watch an ant crawl along a petal,
think how cancer is like a nest of insects
that filled your lungs with the efficiency
of drone ants carving a nest in a home—
it starts with one you don’t even notice
so when you do finally see an ant
you kill it without thought, think that’s the end
but it’s not and by the time you realise,
it’s far too late, they’ve nested in the heart
of your home and spread themselves through the walls—
even if you somehow find and destroy their nest
you’ll never know for sure if you’ve killed them all.

If you’d like to donate to the Cancer council you can do so here.


2 thoughts on “Daffodil Day

  1. Sorry for your loss but your words are beautiful.

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