Summer’s End

After an extended summer break from my blog I thought it fitting to begin the year with this selection of haiku poems: ‘Summer’s End.’  J. D. Salinger once said “Poets are always taking the weather so personally. They’re always sticking their emotions in things that have no emotions.” but for me the seasons and aspects of weather feature prominently in my writing, both as metaphor and also to enhance the pathos of a specific scene or poem.  I’ve often found my feelings and the weather to be inextricably linked.  I like it when it rains when I’m sad, when the wind rages when I’m angry, when the sun shines when I’m happy, and sometime something as simple as rain after a dry spell or a sunny day can be enough to make me smile.  The environment around us is such an integral aspect of the human experience that to disregard the natural world in writing is to disregard the relationship that we have with the world around us.  That said, I can be guilty of taking the weather a little too personally, particularly the start of Winter, which, with the start of April is coming closer and closer.

Summer’s orange sun
dips towards the horizon
birds sing a farewell

Clouds gather to coat
the sun in a sheath of grey
the sky changes hue

Sun spikes defiance
from a glowing shield of clouds
to autumn’s cool night

On the horizon
clouds stained orange and purple
the sun’s final bow

Clouds like billowing smoke
defeat the last ember of light
dusk given in to night



I hope you enjoyed these poems, and if you would like to write your own haiku and share below in the comments I would love to see them.

Aside from edging closer to winter, April is also National Poetry Month, and NaPoWrimo, which I shall be taking part in as part of my 365 Poetry project.  I’ll be sharing several of my poems based on the prompts given over the rest of the month.  If you’d like to take part in NaPoWrimo you can sign up at



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