Catching up on NaPoWriMo: poem Day 1 (also Day 275 of 365)

As part of my poem a day for a year project I’ve decided to participate in NaPoWriMo.  I’ll be posting a poem for every day of April, using the prompts given on the website.  As I’ve come to NaPoWriMo a little late and haven’t had time to update my blog over the last two weeks please excuse the rapid fire nature of the next few posts.  If you’d like to take part or see the prompts you can sign up at the website above or simply write a poem a day for 30 days.  And if you can do 30 days without giving yourself an aneurysm, why not keep writing…

Day 1 / 275

Using the Bibliomancy Oracle, a website that uses literature as a method of divinitation, I received the prompt: “You do not wish loss even upon a shadow” from Practice by Laynie Browne, which I turned into this somewhat dour poem.

You do not wish loss even upon a shadow
an even shadow upon loss you reflect
the shadow if it could wish would spread longer, further
you did not wish but it is there nonetheless
your loss casts a shadow both even and true
your shadow falls upon all that you see
you cannot unwish this shadow of loss

More poems to come soon.


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