NaPoWriMo Day 2: Yggsdrasil

Day 2/276

The prompt for day 2 is to use any mythology besides Greek or Roman as the central theme.  As a child one of my many well-worn picture books included a book of Norse mythology, so I have decided to use this as a basis for my acrostic poem.  Norse myths contain many compelling stories and imagery, as well as the usual archetypal figures present in most mythologies and creation stories; Odin, for instance sacrificed himself upon a tree and was then reborn, although in his case it was to gain knowledge of death and thus the secret of life, and who hasn’t heard of the legendary Valkyries, female warriors who took the souls of dead heroes to Valhalla.  If you don’t know much about Norse mythology there are many places to read more, but Wikipedia is always a good start.  I plan on writing more poems based on Norse mythology but for now I hope you enjoy this piece.


Ymir’s flesh melts to earth, his blood the oceans,
gods and goddesses reign, humans their playthings,
glamour and greed the games gods play;
dead souls stolen to fill Valhalla’s halls, thus warriors
re-fight, re-die, re-live again under Odin’s one eye while
Aegir’s nine daughters capsize sailors into their watery sea-beds and
Sif’s hair gleams golden in between Thor’s raging thunder—but
Idunn’s apples fall, forgotten, into decay for
Loki the trickster brings Ragnarok upon us all.

Odin and Frigg

Odin and Frigg


Picture from “Usbourne Illustrated Guide to Norse Myths and Legends with Illustrations by Rodney Matthews”


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