Winter Lights

Yesterday (1st of June) marked the official start of winter, a season that has of late sparked many melancholy feelings, possibly because when bad things happen to me they tend to happen in the colder months.  So this time I decided to start the season on a positive note with a little personal celebration.  At federation square in Melbourne they a running an exhibition/public space installation called the Lights in Winter to encourage us Melbournites to venture out into the dreary cold and smile.


This is the poem (Day 336 out of 365) that I wrote while watching the lights from afar over my glass of wine.

Winter lights

The first day of winter,
rain smashing against my window,
a constant stream of sleet
from a sky in shades of grey,
the clouds are crying,
plants dropping with gloom,
all is miserable,
except, just this once, I am not.

Winter, again,
sky stark, bereft of sun—
but night,
the lights, the lights,
hovering high into the sky
at their brightest in this dark,
at their lightest,
light like me
when I forget how
winter always makes me hurt.






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