“August and yellow flowers”: a poem for Daffodil Day

I wrote this poem for daffodil day in memory of a friend lost too soon.  Daffodil day falls on the fourth friday of every August and is a a major fund-raising event for research into cancer research, prevention and support services for those affected by cancer.  It is also a day to support patients and survivors, and to remember loved ones lost to us.

Eight months ago I lost one of my best friends after her 18 month struggle with cancer.  This poem is about her in a way, but more so it is about my emotional journey over these last two years, about my loss, and about grief in general.  If anyone else is struggling with their own loss I hope this poem may offer you some small solace.

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August and yellow flowers

Daffodils break up through stone hard frost
while blue skies drip with sunflowers not rain,
and everywhere I look are thoughts of you—
now I know I should be charitable
because cancer’s taken so much I love
but I can’t see another damn daffodil,
can’t relive again this forced remembrance
that August and yellow flowers bring.

This month two years ago life imploded—
your future was stolen, mine stuck on pause,
when you were torn open and robotosised,
when I was ripped apart from the inside
your body taken over by rogue cells,
my insides gutted, my breath stripped away,
your indomitable energy bound,
contained in a prison of flesh and drugs—

I could see where all the signs were pointing
no matter how I tried to shield my eyes,
I couldn’t hide from my fate anymore
than I could turn my gaze from yours,
no choice but to walk this road by your side
until your path veered off into the sun
while mine dragged under grey and sullen skies.

So I close my eyes and try to forget,
let your memories slumber for a spell,
imagine the sky filled with clouds not sun—
for though the new spring is about to break
sunflowers drip from skies instead of rain
and I am surrounded by daffodils.


Me and Mud 2

The two of us back in 2004


To donate go to https://www.daffodilday.com.au/


One thought on ““August and yellow flowers”: a poem for Daffodil Day

  1. binspiredart says:

    It has taken me until now to actually read through to the end. So beautifully written you have a wonderful way with words 🙂

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